Single-player Game Tutorial

In a single-player game, each player sees only his or her own decisions and results. The decisions and results of other players are hidden. Only a run’s leaders can access the decisions and results of all the run’s players.

This tutorial will walk you through the creation of the single-player Calc game. This game implements a model that takes a number and adds it to the current total. The game has a single Play phase and does not define any player roles. This project, though basic, will demonstrate how the various pieces of Simpl interact to provide a platform upon which single-player games can be created.

For an overview of how Simpl works, see Simpl Overview.

Start this tutorial by running the Simpl Games API service using the instructions in Single-player Game Demo.

First, we’ll implement our Single-player Game Model Service, providing the mathematical model for Calc.

Then, we’ll build our Single-player Game Frontend.