Getting Started

You can get a taste of Simpl by running the simpl-calc example simulation.


You will need to have these installed:

If you are using the Mac OS, is an easy way to install and configure PostgreSQL.

Install gulp and webpack globally to ensure they are on your PATH

sudo npm install --global gulp
sudo npm install --global webpack

Run the Simpl Games API Service

Clone the simpl-games-api repository and install simpl-games-api:

git clone [email protected]:simplworld/simpl-games-api.git
cd simpl-games-api
add2virtualenv .
pip install -r requirements.txt

Create a Simpl database:

createdb simpl
./ migrate
./ create_simpl_user

Start the simpl-games-api web service:

./ runserver

Run the Simpl Calc Model Service

In a separate terminal, clone the simpl-calc-model repository and install simpl-calc model:

git clone [email protected]:simplworld/simpl-calc-model.git
cd simpl-calc-model
add2virtualenv .
pip install -r requirements.txt

Add the simp-calc game to the Simpl database along with some test users:

./ create_default_env

Start the model service by running:

./ run_modelservice

By default the service will bind to

Run the Simpl Calc Frontend UI

In a separate terminal, clone the simpl-calc-ui repository and install simpl-calc:

git clone [email protected]:simplworld/simpl-calc-ui.git
cd simpl-calc-ui
mkvirtualenv simpl-calc-ui
add2virtualenv .
pip install -r requirements.txt
./ migrate

Start your frontend webserver with:

./ runserver

In a separate terminal, update node_modules and run Gulp to compile JS and SASS

npm install

Using the Simpl Calc Simulation

The simpl-cal simulation is now running at http://localhost:8000/

Log in as player [email protected] (password s1) or player [email protected] (password s2). Once logged in, use the simulation to add numbers to a total.

In another browser, log in as [email protected] (password leader) to see the player totals update as they change over time.