Simpl-React Overview

Abstraction Layers

This module is conceptually organized in two layers:

You will mostly work at the simpl layer using the simpl decorator to wrap your root component. You then build your single-page application by writing Presentational Components tied to data provided by Container Components

Simpl Decorators


Presentational Components

Presentational components only provide the necessary markup to render the UI.

Container Components

Container Components provide data and functions (props) and pass them down to their Presentational component.

WAMP Components

Wamp Components are convenience components that wrap container or presentational components to provide them wamp-relative functionality, such as listening or publishing to a topic or calling a remote procedure on the model service

Redux Reducers

The Simpl.reducers.combined.simplReducers reducer provides the simpl and routing reducers necessary for connecting to the modelservice and keeping state updated.

The cookiecutter-ui-template cookiecutter template uses simplReducers in js/reducers/combined/appReducers.js:

import {simplReducers} from 'simpl-react/lib/reducers/combined';
import {reducer as form} from 'redux-form';

const reducers = simplReducers({
  // Add your customer reducers here, if any.

export default reducers;

You can configure your own reducers by passing them as arguments:

import {simplReducers} from 'simpl-react/lib/reducers/combined';

import myreducer from '../MyReducers'

const reducers = simplReducers({

export default reducers;

Redux Store

The Simpl.stores.finalCreateStoreFactory returns a createStore function with all the necessary devTools configured according to the environment.

The cookiecutter-ui-template cookiecutter template uses finalCreateStoreFactory in js/stores/appStore.js:

/* eslint global-require: "off" */
import {finalCreateStoreFactory} from 'simpl-react/lib/stores';

import rootReducer from '../reducers/combined/appReducers';

export default function configureStore(initialState, node_env) {
  const finalCreateStore = finalCreateStoreFactory(node_env || process.env.NODE_ENV);
  const store = finalCreateStore(rootReducer, initialState);

  if ( {
    // Enable Webpack hot module replacement for reducers'../reducers/combined/appReducers', () => {
      const nextReducer = require('../reducers/combined/appReducers');

  return store;

The cookiecutter-ui-template cookiecutter template also provides js/main.js that configures the application’s store and defines the root of your single-page application:

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import {Provider} from 'react-redux';

import configureStore from './stores/AppStore';
import Root from './modules/Root';

const store = configureStore();

  <Provider store={store}>
    <Root />