Why Simpl?

Mission Driven

Simpl is not your typical software tool. Simpl was envisioned and created by a passionate group of EdTech innovators and software developers. We are on a mission to democratize access to game simulations. By using Simpl, you'll be taking part in a first of its kind academic initative. Our goal is to improve Simpl over time and empower students everywhere.

The Power of Experiential Learning in the Classroom

Simpl game simulations facilitate experiential learning in the classroom. When students engage in experiential learning, they are no longer passive observers, but active participants in their learning. Studies show that experiential learning increases comprehension and creates long-lasting meaning.

Fun and Engaging

Simpl demonstrates that learning can be fun and engaging! Simpl is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

A few example use cases:

  • Games: Blackjack, Dungeon and Dragons, Battleship
  • Academic: lesson-based learning
  • Professional development: management role playing, financial negotiation
  • Experimental: perhaps Simpl can be used in ways we haven't imagined yet!

Open Source

Before Simpl, game simulation frameworks were proprietary, resulting in lock-in and licensing fees. Because the code that powers Simpl is open source, universities, game and simulation enthusiasts, open source hobbyists, and Python/Django developers all have the freedom to create fun and practical simulations. Check out the code in the Simpl GitHub organization.

Proven and Scalable

Simpl simulations have already been successfully used in high quality, large scale classroom initiatives at Wharton Business School.

Growing Community

The Simpl community is growing and the future holds great opportunity. We'd love to have your help in shaping open source game simulation.

A few ways to get involved:

  • Talk to your school about using Simpl
  • Create a game
  • Communicate your thoughts about Simpl, perhaps in a blog post, social media post, or conversation
  • Host a meetup
  • Contribute to Simpl

Learn More

Check out our Simulations Gallery or learn more about How Simpl Works