Simpl-Games-Api Overview

The simpl-games-api service provides the main storage for games’ data.

In practice, there will always be one instance of The Simpl-Games-API service that will store data for one or more games. Every time data is created, modified, or deleted, the Simpl-Games-API service will send events to the registered game model services via HTTP Webhooks.


simpl-games-api currently supports Basic and Session authentication. You will need to create one or more users for your modelservice(s) to use connecting to the simpl-games-api.


All endpoints are under the /apis/ path.

REST endpoints

The following REST endpoints are available:

For more info on the specific endpoint, swagger documentation is available at the root of simpl-games-api (ie, if you have it running on port 8100, it will be at http://localhost:8100/)

Bulk Endpoints

In addition to the RESTful endpoints, simpl-games-api offers endpoints to operate on multiple resources at once.

Currently, the only operation supported on these endpoints are creation (via POST) and deletion (via DELETE)

The following bulk endpoints are available:

Detail Routes

As a performance optimization, the ScenarioViewSet defines a rewind detail route that removes some or all of a scenario’s periods.