Simpl-Modelservice Overview

The Simpl-Modelservice provides services common to all games. These include:

Game modelservices use Simpl-Modelservice functionality to:

The WAMP Layer

The browser and model service communicate via Websocket using the WAMP Protocol.

The WAMP Protocol is mainly composed of two patterns: publish/subscribe (PubSub for short) and call/register (or RPC).

PubSub vs RPC

The main difference between PubSub and RPC is that a call to a registered procedure returns a value, where publishing to a topic does not. Both are asynchronous operations, but with RPC you can wait on the returned value to tell when the operation has completed.

As a rule of thumb: use RPC if you need to get data from the modelservice or wait until the procedure has completed before proceeding. Otherwise you can use PubSub.