Required settings

SIMPL_GAMES_AUTH = ('[email protected]', 'simpl')
SIMPL_GAMES_URL = os.environ.get('SIMPL_GAMES_URL', 'http://localhost:8100/apis')
CALLBACK_URL = os.environ.get('CALLBACK_URL', 'http://{hostname}:{port}/callback')
GAME_SLUG = 'game1'
ROOT_TOPIC = os.environ.get('ROOT_TOPIC', 'com.example.game1')

The SIMPL_GAMES_AUTH setting provides the email and password of a Simpl superuser. Run the simpl-games-api create_simpl_user management command to create a [email protected] superuser for local development.

The SIMPL_GAMES_URL setting provides the URL of the game’s Simpl-Games-API service.

The CALLBACK_URL setting provides the URL on which the game’s modelservice will be listening for webhook notifications from the game’s Simpl-Games-API service.

The GAME_SLUG setting provides the slug value of the modelservice’s game.

The ROOT_TOPIC setting provides a unique prefix for the game’s WAMP topics.

Optional settings

LOAD_ACTIVE_RUNS = getattr(settings, 'LOAD_ACTIVE_RUNS', True)

The LOAD_ACTIVE_RUNS setting controls whether only active runs are loaded as Scopes by the modelservice. By default, the modelservice loads only active runs as Scopes. If set to False, both active and inactive runs will be loaded.